As acupuncture becomes more mainstream, sport teams are using it to improve their athlete’s performance. Ridgefield Acupuncture has been working with the athletes who are involved in frequent events related to their sport, such as marathons, tough mudder events, and baseball.

Ridgefield Acupuncture offers a program to help athletes achieve their goals. It entails the following:

  • Taking into Account the Athlete’s Overall Health, evaluating their strong and weak systems. By strengthening weak areas and balancing it with stronger systems the athlete can take full advantage of their physical capacity.
  • Supporting the Body during active, heavy training to build muscles, promote liver glycogen storage and prepare the body for high intensity bursts of energy.
  • Support of Muscles, Joints and Bones to promote full range of motion, maximize strength and endurance.
  • Addressing Barriers to Finding the “Zone”. Assisting the athlete to find the place of optimal mind and body merging for peak performance in the zone. Addressing any issues with anxiety, fear and feeling out of synch with your environment.
  • Improve Your Immune System to ensure it is not weakened from training or issues with catching colds.
  • Improve Cardiovascular Output to lower blood lactate levels and heart rates.
  • Treating Injuries, Relieving Muscle Pain and Spasm to enhance pain relief and circulation to muscle tissues.
  • Managing the Stress of Training. Regular acupuncture can lower stress hormones such as corticosteroids/cortisol and increase feel good hormones for an improved sense of wellbeing.
  • Customized Herbal Formulas to address your personal athletic issue, such as energy output, muscles spasms or pain, poor sleep.

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