One of my clients sent me a link to a wonderful short video about fertility and the “what if’s” of the journey. This video is fabulous. It asks all the right questions and opens a new avenue of thought. Through all of the pain and grief comes power to view life out of the box. The video asks:

“What if I redefine what it means to be a mother?”

“What if I redefine what it means to be a family?”

“What if I let go of the doubt, the worry, the fear or self judgment for one day…one week…the rest of my life?”

“What if I become an advocate for infertility research and treatment?”

“What if I lived in the moment rather than living in an uncertain future?”

“What if my story could help one person?”

These profound questions touch every couple on the fertility journey. Unfortunately most couples feel alone in this journey, as it is kept a secret. I ask – why should infertility be the hidden secret? There is nothing shameful in this journey and if more couples spoke up uneducated people (usually the one who had no problems conceiving) could see infertility as a disease. First, by speaking up you could help a couple struggling with fertility issues. Secondly, fertility treatments should be covered by insurance and this will only happen if couples demand change. Thirdly, with speaking up it allows society to grow and redefine what is a family/mother/father. We are the people with the power to change the fabric of society and reweave it for the better.