Last week I discussed the “doctor” referral, this week it’s the “friend” referral.

When it comes to a friend’s I notice two potential problems:

1) Your friend got pregnant on first cycle of IUI/IVF and LOVES their clinic.  When your friend has the great experience of conceiving on the first cycle, their journey with a clinic was short and not complicated.  With multiple cycles many patients start to feel like a widget in the machinery.  Some clinics are worse than others and the friend’s clinic might be one of these places.  Remember your friend is on a high from her pregnancy test and may forget any problems she encounted.  Ask the friend about their experience getting appointments, having blood work or ultra sounds.  Where their appointments on time or did they wait?  Did the doctor react to quickly change a protocol if needed?  Pick your friend’s brain for the possible forgotten information. 

2) Your friend does not have a similar diagnosis as yours.  If your friend has unexplained infertility, but you have high FSH – the clinic might not be the right match.  As mentioned in the previous article clinics should match your diagnosis.  If you want to buy a house with updated kitchen, you wouldn’t want to waste your time looking at homes needing remodeling.

In the end friends faced with fertility challenges can be excellent source of support.  Take in their knowledge and use it as a platform to build your own library of information. 

Next week, we will be discussing picking a clinic to match your diagnosis.