The majority of couples are referred to their first reproductive clinic visit by a gynecologist. 

 What you should take into consideration at this point? 

• Your referring doctor may have only been marketed by local clinics.

• Some doctors only meet with one clinic and refer all their clients to that one clinic. 

• Clinics located farther away may never set up a meeting your doctor, thus your doctor may not learn about these facilities. 

• I know from my own experience, some doctors meet with a variety of clinics but can’t break the habit of referring to one clinic, which could be the wrong match to you. 

• All medical practitioners (even acupuncturists) have favorite RE’s and will refer clients to them frequently. 

• Current in my area (CT and NY) clinics are cropping up faster than weeds, making it difficult for GYN’s to keep up with current information. 

• If your doctor cannot fully answer your questions, it doesn’t mean she/he doctor does not care, it means you will need to educate yourself



What should you discuss with the GYN when the referral comes up?

Ask your doctor if they have experience with several reproductive clinics, since it’s helpful to get several referrals.  Even if you don’t plan to use another clinic except your doctor’s referral, the information can provide a fall back plan in case the initial visit with the RE is not a proper match.  Currently I refer clients to three clinics which fit their Western diagnosis.  I tell clients to make initial appointments with each clinic and ask themselves these questions during the visit:

  •  Do I feel comfortable with the clinic environment and staff?
  •  Will I get stressed out traveling for scans/retrieval/transfer?  Will fertility treatments  compliment my work schedule?  Some clinics have outreach centers  close to your home, but  the actually procedure could be 90 miles away. 
  •  Can this clinic and staff provide me with the best level of care and outcomes for my diagnosis?
  •  If insurance does not cover any procedures, does the clinic provide some sort of assistance, such  as loans, donated medicine, or discounted procedures?  Don’t be afraid to ask, speak up and see  how flexible the clinic is.


Next week we’ll discuss the “friend referral”….