Chronic low back is one of the most common pain scenarios. Often, the exact cause of the pain cannot be found.

The low back is a complicated structure of interconnecting bones, joints, nerves, ligaments, and muscles all working in conjunction to provide support, strength, and flexibility.

The lower back has four main jobs:

  • Support the weight of the upper body and provides stability/mobility for everyday activities, such as bending, twisting and reaching.
  • Responsible for flexing and rotating the hips while walking.
  • Supporting the spinal column for proper alignment.
  • Nerves leaving the spinal column in the lower back are responsible for sensation and power to the muscles in the pelvis, legs, and feet.

Due to its complexity the low back is susceptible to injury and pain. There is a significant overlap of nerves, muscles and ligament which can make it difficult for you to accurately sense where is the cause of the pain is coming from.

Causes of Chronic Low Back Pain:

Most clients are aware of a single event that triggered their back pain.  Yet, more than likely a single event did not cause your pain. Your pain may have developed slowly overtime from doing several activities involving repetitive movements, such as slouching in your work chair the wrong way for a long time. Then one day a simple movement, such as picking something off the floor, can trigger severe low back pain.

Most acute low back pain results from injury to localized muscles, ligaments, joints, or discs. An injury occurs when a muscle/ligament is stretched too far, tears and damaging the tissue. The body also reacts to injury by protecting the area with inflammation – a healing response. While inflammation sounds minor, it can cause severe pain and stiffness. When your back pain is not treated, long term inflammation can lead to chronic back pain

Common causes of low back pain:

  • Heavy use from work or sports that involve twisting or major impacts.
  • Age leading to degenerative wear on the back.
  • Lifting a heavy object or twisting while lifting.
  • Sudden movements that place too much stress on the low back, such as a fall.
  • Poor posture.

Symptoms of low back pain:

Chronic back painlasts over 3 months, pain is usually severe and does not respond to standard treatments.

Symptoms of pain:

  • Dull, achy pain to sharp stabbing pain.
  • Pain worse with movement – pain when getting up from a seated position, bending forward, or getting out of bed in the morning.
  • Pain localized in the low back – pain concentrated in the lower back, sacrum and hips.
  • Stiffness, difficulty walking or standing – difficultly bending, walking or stand for long periods of time.
  • Local tenderness and inflammation – tender to the touch, limited mobility and swelling/puffy localized area.


I approach treating your back pain according to your presentation, which involves:

  • Analyzing your posture – is your hips and spine in alignment.
  • Discussing potential lifestyle dynamics impacting your back pain.
  • Muscle testing the muscles comprising the back and hip for weakness and pain.
  • Targeting effected muscles, releasing motor points, trigger points and relaxing the fascia.

Providing exercises to continue treatment success between acupuncture treatments.

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