Doxycycline – Effective Treatment of Infections Diseases

The history of Doxycycline began in 1957 when the substancewas patented. Still, it got approved for use only ten years later. This preparation is an antibiotic. This means it works against diseases provoked by certain types of bacterial infections. Unlike many other antibiotics, Doxycycline is also efficacious in the therapy of the medical conditions caused by some parasites.

Due to the wide spectrum of activity and its high efficacy, Doxycycline got on the List of Essential Medicines of the WHO. It can be applied both as a monotherapyand in a complex with other medications.

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Details on Doxycycline

Doxycycline can help your organism cope with a variety of bacterial infections, particularly those that attack the skin and cause acne, infections of the respiratory, gastrointestinal, genitourinary tract, and eyes. The potent effect of Doxycycline is also applied in the therapy of severe parasite infections, like Lyme disease and typhus. It’s also worth saying that this medication is highly efficacious and is often used to prevent malaria. The treatment of this ailment is often provided using a combination therapy where Doxycycline plays one of the key roles.

This medication doesn’t kill bacteria and parasites, but it inhibits the production of bacterial protein, which slows down the growth of the pathogens. This way, the drug eases the task for theimmune system to kill the infection.Thanks to this, you can recover from the disease faster.

The Use of Doxycycline for Chlamydia Treatment

Chlamydia is one of the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted diseases. The presence of the pathogen in the blood can be determined with a chlamydia test. It is a reliable and fast way to set the correct diagnosis and start treating chlamydia with Doxycycline as soon as possible. Usually, the therapy lasts for a week, resulting in complete recovery.

The diagnostics and the treatment can be done in any sexual health clinic. In case you feel awkward about the purchase of the drug in the nearest pharmacy, you can buy Doxycycline online.

How to Take Doxycycline for Other Infections?

The choice of the correct dosing regimen needs professional medical advice. You shouldn’t use antibiotics unless your doctor considers it necessary. The recommended frequency of intake depends on the infection you treat. Usually, once or twice daily intake of the preparation is needed. It’s important to ingest the pills at even spaces of time to sustain stable levels of Doxycycline in the organism.

Ingest the tablet whole and wash it down with a full glass of water. Food may reduce the efficacy of Doxycycline, so make sure there is at least one hour before a meal and at least two hours after a meal to take the medication. An exception can be made for people who develop diarrhea. To improve this unwanted symptom, they may take the tablets with a meal, yet this should be done after a consultation with a doctor or pharmacist.

The maximum duration of therapy with Doxycycline is 10 days.

Doxycycline Dosage

Doxycycline dosage is chosen individually, based on the type of infection, its severity, and the patient’s reaction to the treatment. Antibiotic used to treat severe infection comes into full effect when its concentrations in the body fluids reach a certain level. To speed up this process, a loading dose of Doxycycline is applied. Usually, it is 200 mg divided into two intakes at the initial stage of treatment. Then it can be reduced to 50 mg twice daily or 100 – 120 mg once a day.

Precautions to Doxycycline Use

Some comorbidities and certain diseases in medical history can make the use of tetracycline antibiotics not recommended. Such patients are more prone to developing severe adverse reactions to the drug. This means their risk of side effects prevail over the potential benefits of treatment. Before the treatment with Doxycycline, tell your doctor if you suffer or have suffered from the listed below medical conditions:

  • Heartburn;
  • Allergy to the active substance or other components of the drug;
  • Difficulty swallowing;
  • Severe hepatic impairment.

Pregnant women are contraindicated to take Doxycycline as this medication has a negative impact on the formation of bones and teeth. For the same reason, this medication is not allowed in children under 8 years of age. The preparation gets into breast milk and may do harm to the nursing baby. If there is a clear need for therapy with Doxycycline, a woman should stop breastfeeding.
One of the possible problems related to Doxycycline therapy is sensitivity to the sun. Use high-SPF sunscreen and wear appropriate clothes when you walk outside. Postpone your visits to the tanning booths and beaches until your treatment is over.

Doxycycline Drug Interactions

When combined with Doxycycline, some medicines can significantly increase the risks of side effects. For this reason, one should avoid the concomitant use of this antibiotic with the following drugs:

  • Isotretinoin and other retinoids;
  • Warfarin;
  • Phenobarbital and other barbiturates;
  • Digoxin;
  • Phenytoin and some other anti-seizure medications.

It is believed that Doxycycline can reduce the efficacy of oral birth control pills. Therefore, barrier methods of preventing pregnancyare advised for people on Doxycycline. The use of condoms is especially important for people getting treatment for sexually transmitted diseases for them not to pass the pathogens to their sexual partners.

Possible Unwanted Reactions

One of the crucial things to do before you buy Doxycycline online is to learn about all the possible side effects of this medication. Among those reported most often, there are:

  • Upset stomach;
  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Yeast infections.

Though rare, possible reactions to Doxycycline may show through allergic reaction (rash, itching, swollen face, tongue, etc.), difficulty swallowing, increase in intracranial blood pressure, which may lead to blindness. Stop taking the medication and seek medical attentionpromptly in case any severe adverse effects appear.

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