Ankle sprains come from rolling in or out of the ankle during an activity.  A sprain can vary from a simple strain to a tearing of ligaments.  Some sprains can be severe enough to tear the ankle bone away from its attachment.

Outside (lateral) ankle sprains are the most common sprain, which is related to shape of the ankle.  With this type of sprain, the anterior talofibular ligament and calcaneofibular ligament are usually injured.  Continued injury of these ligaments can cause instability of the ankle joint.

Ankle Sprains Can Come From:

  • Sports involving cutting movements at high speed.
  • Walking on uneven surface.
  • Falling down.

Symptoms of Ankle Sprain are graded in severity:

  • Grade one: Involve mild over stretching of ligaments.
    • Able to weight bear.
    • Minimal swelling.
  • Grade two: Partial tearing of ligament.
    • More bruising and swelling
    • Some weight bearing issues
  • Grade three: Total rupture of one or more ligaments.
    • Significant bruising and swelling.
    • No weight bearing.

The pain of an ankle sprain is significant and can keep you our of play or work.  With acupuncture, ankle sprains heal quickly and do not become a chronic problem.  Although many patients who suffered a sprained ankle, never seek treatment which can result in chronic symptoms, such as ankle instability.

I approach treating your ankle sprain by:

  • Visual inspection and mechanism of your injury.
  • Discussing the potential dynamics impacting your ankle injury.
  • Targeting effected muscles, releasing motor points, trigger points and relaxing the fascia

Providing exercises to continue treatment success between acupuncture treatments.

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