The TLJ is the area between T12 and L1 (sometimes T11 is included in the definition) and is an interesting transition site for the spine.  The facet joints of the Thoracic vertebrae allow for more lateral flexion to occur than the lumbar vertebrae and the facets of the lumbar vertebrae are shaped to allow more flexion/extension than lateral flexion.  As a result, there are increased stresses on T12-L1 where we can expect to see degeneration similar to changes in the lumbar and cervical vertebrae.

Causes of TLJ:

  • Poor posture.
  • Repetitive trunk rotation.
  • Degenerative disc changes in the thoracic vertebrae.

Symptoms of TLJ:

  • Pain in the low back.
  • Pain in the lateral hip.
  • Pain in lower abdominals.
  • Pain in the sacrum.
  • Pain in the pubic bone.
  • Treatment of the local area with no pain relief.

I approach treating your pain to your presentation, which involves:

  • Analyzing your posture – is the spine and hips aligned correctly?
  • Is your low back pain coming from another source (TLJ)?
  • Discussing potential lifestyle dynamics impacting the joint.
  • Understanding how other factors such as disc degeneration can aggravate the problem.
  • Muscle testing the muscles comprising the hip for weakness and pain.
  • Targeting effected muscles, releasing motor points, trigger points and relaxing the fascia.
  • Providing exercises to continue treatment success between acupuncture treatments.

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