Acupuncture is effect for pain relief for a board spectrum of injuries. The following overview explains how acupuncture will facilitate your healing process.

  1. Expert Diagnostic Method – Samantha Jacobs has under gone specialized training in cadaver based anatomy and Western evaluation methods with Chinese medicine integration to provide the best treatment outcomes. The dual perspective is the foundation of your treatments so you successfully stay strong.
  2. Wide Applicability – A wide variety of conditions are treatable to acupuncture. Most injuries respond to acupuncture. If you don’t see your condition listed, please contact us. Most pain cases improve with acupuncture.
  3. Releasing of Trigger and Motor Points – In injury cases muscles learn patterns of tightness. To order for the muscle to relearn patterns of free movement, needling the trigger and motor point can change messages to the nervous system. Once the point has been released the muscle will relax, allowing improved circulation and movement in the area.
  4. Increased Range of Motion – A benefit of acupuncture is improved range of motion and increased muscular strength.
  5. Improved Neurological Functioning – The nervous system is directly impacted by acupuncture to change pain signals. Expect to experience less pain, tingling and numbness.
  6. Improved Posture – Postural correction will decrease pain and prevent future injuries. Acupuncture changes muscle tone and positioning to allow the client to reach their full potential in their activities.

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