Periscapular pain starts in the medial border of the scapula and travels the under the scapula. It is a common pain among office workers with slumped shoulders or athletes involved in overhead activities.  Most the common posture involvement in periscapular pain is rounded shoulders placing strain on muscles (rhomboid, trapezius, subscapularis) responsible for stabilizing the scapula.

Causes of Scapula Pain:

  • Cervical disc issues – herniation, stenosis.
  • Rotary cuff muscles imbalances.
  • Internal rotated shoulder/slumped shoulder (common in officer workers/drivers) – causing muscle imbalances.

Symptoms of Scapula Pain:

  • Pain along the edge of the scapula.
  • Deep achy to tight and tense pain between your scapulars.
  • Pain that might radiate under the scapula.
  • Pain that is difficult to self-massage since there’s an inability to get under the scapular area.
  • Popping or clicking in the mid back area when moving the scapula.

I approach treating your impingement syndrome to your presentation, which involves:

  • Analyzing your posture – is a slumped shoulder playing into your pain?
  • Discussing potential lifestyle dynamics impacting the effected scapula area.
  • Understanding how other factors such as stenosis or herniation can affect your pain scenario.
  • Muscle testing the muscles comprising the shoulder for weakness and pain.
  • Targeting effected muscles, releasing motor points, trigger points and relaxing the fascia

Providing exercises to continue treatment success between acupuncture treatments.

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