I thought it may be helpful to describe everything I have learned about assisting clients in picking a clinic that matches up with fertility health.

First – ALWAYS REMEMBER – BE AN EDUCATED CONSUMER.  I cannot emphamize this enough.  Fertility treatments involve so much emotion that it is easy to lose perspective.  Read, research and understand EVERYTHING BEFORE you start your journey. 

Every couple hopes for only one fertility treatment, but the reality could be much longer and more involved.  LEARN WHAT YOUR INSURANCE WILL COVER.  Most insurance plans limit the coverage for IVF cycles.  If you only have coverage for 1 or 2 IVF cycles find the clinic with the best success rate for your scenario.   Covered IVF cycles are like gold and be cautious of using benefits at clinics which do not specialize in your case.  Once it’s gone, the next step involves tens of thousands of dollars – out of your pocket.

Treat fertility like shopping for a home.  You would never buy the first home visited, you want to comparison shop.  When you buy a home, you shop around looking at the different styles and options.  Some homes have beautiful kitchens, others steep driveways.  Some homes are close to work, others more family friendly neighborhoods.  Deciding what is practical and making your dreams come true is going to be a fine balance.  I am going to be your real estate agent and provide you with information to be an educated fertility shopper.

Next week, I’ll discuss the “gynecologist referral”.