Gluteus Maximus Strain

This injury is common in runners or sports involving running.  You might feel like this pain is a high hamstring strain.  Gluteus Maximus covers the attachment of the hamstring on the sit bone, when it spasms you might think it’s your hamstring.


  • The pain will involve pain in the lower buttock and can radiate into the iliotibial band.
  • Can be triggered by:
    • Activities going – uphill,
    • Going up and down stairs,
    • Jumping, squatting, and lunging.
  • Pain after exercise or sitting for a long period of time.


  • Weak gluts or hamstring.
  • Poor posture.
  • Weak core strength.
  • Muscles group imbalance – weak gluts with overactive and shortened quad.
  • Pelvis imbalance – hip hike or anterior tilt.

When treating your strain, your treatment involves:

  • Analyzing your posture.
  • Discussing potential lifestyle dynamics impacting the hip area.
  • Muscle testing the muscles comprising the hip for weakness and pain.
  • Targeting effected muscles, releasing motor points, trigger points and relaxing the fascia.
  • Providing exercises to continue treatment success between acupuncture treatments.

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