Check out the high protein and fiber - that will balance out the sugars and carbs.

Go Raw Live Granola

Well one of the things I miss on the gluten free diet, is eating granola. All that delicious granola sold at grocery stores is out of bounds. Recently I came across Go Raw Grow Live Granola.

Go Raw Granola comes in different flavors – plain (white packaging), slightly sweeter (red packaging) and chocolate (brown packaging). I have enjoyed the slightly sweet and chocolate flavors. The plain package is too plain and tastes like cardboard. The granola is tasty, crunchy and sweet. I’m posting the nutritional facts from the revise of the package. Though this product is very high in carbohydrates, it is also very high in protein and fiber, two components that slow absorption and control blood sugar levels. No additional sugars are added to the product and the sweetness comes from the fruit and spouts. A small bowl of this product is filling and gives you energy that lasts. If you have diabetes or PCOS you will want to avoid this product due to the high carbohydrate level. Most common granolas do not contain fiber or high levels of protein, thus you will experience the sugar rush and still feel unsatisfied later. Thus is product is useful for individuals looking to fuel up in the morning with a healthier alternative.

One disadvantage to the Go Raw Live Granola is the price – about $12 to $14 for one package. Yet a bowl of this product is a great breakfast meal or afternoon snack.