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SO FAR – I’m Stress to the Max!

I’m sure you are familiar with the stress of conceiving – the drugs, timed sex, being surrounded by pregnant friends and the nosey relative.  I bet you have been told to “just relax” or “take a long vacation”.  Yes, stress has a big impact on reproductive health, but “just relaxing” does not solve the whole problem.  Stress is coming from conflicting feelings, emotions that need to be acknowledge and released.  Meditating can be helpful, but it doesn’t cut the muster when you are at the mall surrounded by baby strollers.  Well, I was reading the June issue of the Oprah […]

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Hey…Finally Guys Get Some Work.

This article has been making its way around the internet.  First of all, it’s great that the guys are getting some of the focus…and the blame.  Fertility comes from two places, the women and the man.  Yet guys get little focus or demand to step up and take some reasonability in changing their diet and lifestyle.   As Western medicine learns more about sperm health new guideline will be developed. 

By the way if your guy has sperm count issues, do not follow the article’s suggestions.  Daily sex is only for 7 days back to back…not every day for a month.  Remember […]

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Pelvic Fluid, Endometriosis and Toxic Effects on Sperm

Endometriosis is a painful disorder, presenting with red inflamed tissue that causes the immune system to overreact and complicate conception.  When diagnosed surgery is the common treatment to remove as much of the inflamed tissue and freeing any organs ensnared in it.  Surgery can not completely resolve the issue and endometriosis can be hard to remove entirely.  One concern with endometriosis is the toxic byproducts produced by the inflamed tissue and the over responding immune system.  The toxic fluid can enter the uterus via the fallopian tubes where it can have an effect on sperm and an embryo.  Currently modern […]

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Rub Metformin on Your Ovaries.

Metformin (Glucophage) is the drug of choice for polycystic ovary syndrome, since it can encourage ovulation and decreases cyst production.  Yet many ladies have ton of problems taking it, such as nausea, diarrhea, intestinal pain, bloating and gas.  The fabulous website for PCOS ( recently mentioned a new way to get metformin – in a cream.  The cream is applied to the ovarian area of the belly, the lower quadrant (alternating right and left) and dosing typically starts at 50mg twice daily and is increased as needed.

When metformin is used topically it is absorbed directly into the blood […]

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Lowering Estrogen with DIM and possibly Improving Egg Quality

One common problem I treat is estrogen dominance (ED).  The ED I discuss in this article will focus on ovarian produced estrogen.   ED arises from 2 common scenarios: 

  • Over producing ovaries leading to high levels of estrogen in the blood.  The biggest culprit is ovarian cysts – such a PCOS or functional cysts (functional cyst produces estrogen – something not all cyst do).  In this case the ovarian cysts manufacture estrogen which can suppress FHS and stop ovulation.  This presentation will have clinically high levels of estrogen in their blood work.
  • Poorly functioning corpus […]
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One Way to cope with Nasty Feelings – Balancing the Good and Bad Feelings with Meditation.

Ok, I know you have been pounded with decreasing stress and surrounding yourself with “calm”.  Yes, you know how important it is to decompress the emotional part of this journey.  But very few ladies (never mind the rest of population) implement stress relieving techniques.  Many of my clients struggle to cope and get washed away in a sea of emotions.  As kids we were are taught how read and write, but not how to cope.  Our main emotional teachers, mom and dad, usually don’t know how to handle negative feelings and pass their poor skills onto us.  The fertility journey […]

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What Does Unexplained Infertility Mean?

Many of my clients have the diagnosis of unexplained infertility, the big mysterious void of fertility.  This common diagnosis causes women to feel helpless and confused – “how can everything be ok but I haven’t gotten pregnant?”  Western medicine has made huge leaps in assisting couples in conceiving, but they don’t have explanations for many of the irregularities in the female body.  Western medicine is very good at examining the single pieces of the puzzle, such as testing FSH, LH, E2 and thyroid levels.  When a woman is tested for all possible single puzzle pieces and everything is normal, she […]

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Inositol to Improve Follicular Quality

Inositol is one of the supplements I regularly recommend to patients; due it is effectiveness at helping the body utilize insulin. 

What is Inositol? 

Inositol is from the B vitamin family and has the molecular form of sugar, though the body does not metabolize it like sugar.  For individuals familiar with Chinese medicine, Inositol would support spleen qi energy.  Inositol is classified as a B vitamin, but the body can manufactured it from fruits and veggies.  Researchers believe some individuals (especially PCOS cases) are deficient in inositol or are unable to manufactory it from food sources.

What does Inositol do? 

Inositol helps the liver […]

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Fertility Problems From a Poor Sense of Smell

A study from the Universities of Liverpool and Newcastle by Dr Roberts found that women taking the birth control pill lose their ability to choose a partner.  It appears the pill stops a women’s naturally ability to avoid a partner with similar genetic DNA.  This can lead to problems if a couple is conceiving.  When a man’s genetics match the women’s, her body will recognize the embryo as foreign and the immune system will attack.  This leads to a greater risk of miscarriage and trouble with full term pregnancy.  Children from parents of similar genetic background can inherit weakened immune systems.

How […]

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High FSH in Young Women does not Equal Poor Egg Quality

If you have been diagnosed with high FSH, often doctors view this as predictor of depleted ovarian reserve and poor egg quality.  This article focuses its’ research behind the correlation of high FSH and miscarriage.  Modern medicine believes most early miscarriages (i.e.: chemical pregnancies or miscarriages within the first several weeks) are related to aneuploidy resulting in DNA fragmentation and chromosomal defects. 

What is aneuploidy and why is it important? (From the website

Aneuploidy is an error in cell division that results in the "daughter" cells having the wrong number of chromosomes. In some cases there is a missing chromosome, […]

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