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A Beautiful Cervix Project

Well Ladies I was introduced to an amazing website dedicated to pictures of the cervix. It shows a daily picture of the cervix from day 1 of menstruation through ovulation and up to the day of the new menstrual cycle. It’s amazing how the cervix changes from day to day and prepares for ovulation. Many of my clients check their cervix as part of the information to help them conceive. Yet, they often feel confused trying to figure out what a “high and soft” cervix feels like. This website provides a visual pictorial that can […]

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The World of Gluten Free

As you probably know – the removal of gluten is a recommendation for women trying to conceive. At the beginning of the year, I decided to go 100% gluten free since I had been tested positive for thyroid antibodies. Research has found a clear connection between thyroid antibodies and gluten sensitivity. It appears the protein called gluten activities the immune system in the gut, allowing miss signaling to occur and primes the immune system to attack the body or in my case the thyroid. This has refocused my attention to possibility of “gluten sensitive” women who […]

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“Sugar: The Bitter Truth”

This week I am posting about fructose. One component of the dietary changes I recommend to fertility clients is consuming less sugar. Many of us understand sugar is a dietary no no, but few of us realize how powerfully negative it can be in our bodies. Fertility books recommend women to completely remove soda from their diets, yet finding out the reasoning behind it is unclear. One study found a clear link between infertility and the consumption of soda. The incidents of infertility increases as women consume more soda. Thus a woman who drinks […]

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Twinning with technology

The following snip it is of a much longer article which grabbed my attention. Currently research is investigating the possibility of removing cells from an embryo and growing a twin from the cells. Researchers believe the high tech procedure will offer poor responders and older women with good quality embryos a larger pool of potential embryos for freezing and future transfer. Modern science is providing couples with a new tool to succeed in achieving pregnancy. It will be interesting to watch the outcome.

Volume 93, Issue 2, Pages 423-427 January 15, 2010
Human embryo twinning with applications in […]

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The Number Game


So many of my clients define themselves by the number they are given by Western medicine.  This number game involves age, FSH, antral follicle count or AMA results.  Number readings can feel like a heavy burden in this journey to conceive. One of my clients, K. experienced the number game.  She wanted to reach out to other women in the number game and convey her experience.  At one point during her treatment process, she realized numbers are just numbers and don’t indicate failure or success.  The power of moving beyond the definitions of a number representing fertility or how much […]

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Your Diagnosis and Choosing a Clinic

Last week we discussed the friend referral.  This week we will be discussing how to pick a clinic based on your diagnosis.

If you have already have a diagnosis, such as high FSH, blocked tubes, fibroids, endometriosis you will want to find a clinic with a specialized doctor for your situation.  Remember to ask your referring doctor if the clinic has experience handling your type of diagnosis.  If you decided to use the clinic referral, go to their website and read about their doctors training/experience.  If you have endometriosis, pick the clinic doctor who has the most experience with the diagnosis.  When […]

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The Friend Referral

Last week I discussed the “doctor” referral, this week it’s the “friend” referral.

When it comes to a friend’s I notice two potential problems:

1) Your friend got pregnant on first cycle of IUI/IVF and LOVES their clinic.  When your friend has the great experience of conceiving on the first cycle, their journey with a clinic was short and not complicated.  With multiple cycles many patients start to feel like a widget in the machinery.  Some clinics are worse than others and the friend’s clinic might be one of these places.  Remember your friend is on a high from her pregnancy test and […]

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Finding a Fertility Home

The majority of couples are referred to their first reproductive clinic visit by a gynecologist. 

 What you should take into consideration at this point? 

• Your referring doctor may have only been marketed by local clinics.

• Some doctors only meet with one clinic and refer all their clients to that one clinic. 

• Clinics located farther away may never set up a meeting your doctor, thus your doctor may not learn about these facilities. 

• I know from my own experience, some doctors meet with a variety of clinics but can’t break the habit of referring to one clinic, which could be the wrong match to […]

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Shopping for a Fertility Home

I thought it may be helpful to describe everything I have learned about assisting clients in picking a clinic that matches up with fertility health.

First – ALWAYS REMEMBER – BE AN EDUCATED CONSUMER.  I cannot emphamize this enough.  Fertility treatments involve so much emotion that it is easy to lose perspective.  Read, research and understand EVERYTHING BEFORE you start your journey. 

Every couple hopes for only one fertility treatment, but the reality could be much longer and more involved.  LEARN WHAT YOUR INSURANCE WILL COVER.  Most insurance plans limit the coverage for IVF cycles.  If you only have coverage for 1 […]

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