Research has shown acupuncture can do the following for headaches:

  1. Reduce or eliminate patterns of chronic headache conditions.
  2. Promoted the secretion of natural steroids and endorphins to decrease pain and inflammation.
  3. Improve the functional status of person in pain. Acupuncture was found to significantly improve the patient’s quality of life and allow them to participate in daily activities.

Types of Headaches:

Severity of pain does not indicate if it’s a migraine.

Tension Headaches

Most common in women. The root cause is unknown. Possible tightening and spasms in the shoulders, neck and skull muscles resulting in inflamed nerves.

  • Symptoms: Tight shoulders and neck with the headache. A band of pressure around the head. Pressure in temples or over eyes. Pain is intense but doesn’t fully stop daily activities. Pain is usually bilateral and occurs without a pattern.


Second most common headache. Has a wide age range. Occurs mostly in women. Hormones, food, alcohol, chocolate and change in sleep patterns can some of the more familiar causes.

  • Symptoms: Possible aura. Sharp intense pain behind one eye. Nausea. Vomiting. A desire to be in a dark room. Pain better with sleeping.

Cluster Headaches

More common in men. Believed to be related to brain chemistry imbalances. Can be triggered by sleep issues, alcohol, smoking or food.

  • Symptoms: Headaches that are intense and last for 30 to 60 minutes. Headaches occur with a pattern which disappears for a period of time then will reappear. Usually occur at the same time of the day. Pain can radiate into the eye. Headache can be accompanied by a feeling of restlessness, being unable to relax and wanting to pace.

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